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Pay Per Click

We challenge the traditional agency model and offer an integrated approach to growing our client's businesses.

The demands of your users and customers are constantly changing. We are a Google partner with vast experience in Google Ads, campaigns, keywords, negative keywords, audiences, image ads, device targeting and conversion tracking – just some of the touchstones of an effective Pay
per Click campaign.

What is pay per click?

Our bespoke software solutions range from simple inventory management systems for SMEs to bespoke, complex fully integrated systems for thousands of users.

Why use it?

Google dominates the search engine market, with a market share of over 90%. Most Google revenues are generated through PPC advertising.

Why choose us

We have a successful track record of using PPC to meet our customers’ revenue targets. Take a look at our case studies page to learn more.

Made With Oak


Made with Oak was set up in 2017 based on their love of furniture and interiors. Their mission is to supply modern, contemporary, and traditional hardwood furniture to discerning customers, combined with the highest standards of quality and service.


When Made with Oak launched, Nadeem and Maaz already recognised the importance of having a strong online presence and were using the services of a web agency in Manchester:

“Our existing web agency was not very transparent in how they worked. This might not have been a problem if we were happy with the results, but we weren’t. For example, we expected to pay Google directly for our Google AdWords campaign, with an additional management fee to the agency. That way, we could see exactly what we were paying for. But the agency insisted we pay all the marketing budget to them. When we enquired about the work they were doing and how the budget was being spent, they were very vague and simply told us that this was the way they worked’.”

It was these concerns that prompted Nadeem to contact Tailored. He knew Matt, Tailored’s Managing Director, from a previous role and the two had enjoyed a solid supplier-customer relationship.

Nadeem met up with the Tailored team and explained his concerns with his existing web agency. Matt was able to assure him that this was not the way Tailored worked, and they were happy to ensure full transparency in all budget spending. Nadeem was reassured and tasked Tailored with boosting their online presence.

“Although I knew Matt and I trusted him, I was nervous about the new arrangement based on my previous experience. But after just 7 days, we saw our bounce rate decline significantly. This immediately inspired confidence that we were now working with the right partner. Within the first 9 months of our relationship, all targets that had not been met by our previous supplier had been tripled. That is three years ago and although Made with Oak are not and never have been tied in to Tailored for longer than 30 days, the results they have produced, and the honesty, integrity, and consistency with which they work, has taken our relationship to a new level.”

Nadeem goes on to say:

“We have never had so much as an invoicing issue. We pay Google directly for the work that Tailored do on our behalf. I even recall an occasion where our Google budget for the month was not spent. This could easily have gone un-noticed, but the Tailored Accounts team called me to explain why it had happened and we received a credit in our account that same day.”

To this day, Made with Oak do not spend any marketing budget anywhere else. As Nadeem explains:

“As things stand, traffic to our website is still increasing month on month, and that converts to increased sales. It would be a privilege and honour to speak with any company that are interested in becoming a Tailored client.”