Restaurant Marketing Case Study - Tailored Sites

Case Study – Perilicious

Perilicious is a Lancaster-based restaurant and takeaway known for its mouth-watering selection of dishes. Established in 2022, the restaurant prides itself on using the finest cuts of meat, marinating them in signature spice rubs, basting them in a choice of house sauces, and grilling them to perfection over searing hot charcoal.

One of the co-founders of Perilicious, Tayyib, was already aware of Tailored, as they were managing the marketing for another business Tayyib owns, the online book retailer Books4Us. Impressed by their level of detail and affordable social media management prices, Tayyib decided to engage their services for Perilicious.

“We initially worked with a freelance photographer for social media posting, but after a few months, we didn’t see any progress and it was costing us too much,” Tayyib recalls. “Tailored, on the other hand, has steadily grown our social media platforms and created high-quality infographics and posters for us. They’ve helped us come up with offers that have made our restaurant busier and even put out SMS text message campaigns to our subscribers”.

Tayyib notes that working with Tailored has been a pleasure due to their professionalism and attention to detail. “They provide us with a full schedule for the month that we can approve or make changes to. They also do their research on the market and industry to find the right people to get through our doors”.