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Every business is unique. By working with you to fully understand your requirements, we develop effective, easy-to-use applications that are right for your business.

Our bespoke web applications enable you to streamline internal processes and, in turn, improve profitability and deliver a sound return on investment. As it’s bespoke, your web application can be tweaked and refined as your business needs change.

Why a web application?

Unlike computer-based software, a web-based application runs on a web server so can be accessible anywhere.

Bespoke for you

As our web applications are bespoke, our developers design them to meet your exact needs. Your application is tailored specifically for your business.

Why choose us

Our professional, fast and friendly service means you have a development partner you can trust and want to work with.

Lesta Paving


Lesta Paving has built a reputation for supplying the best premium quality natural paving stone available at unbelievable prices. The company prides itself on its outstanding customer service and support, and strives for excellence in every transaction.



Lesta Paving launched its website in 2018, but was struggling to attract any significant traffic. Recognising that a website can only be successful if people get to see it, company director Yahya Patel quickly realised they needed to do more to attract visitors.

The company started using paid adverts on Facebook to help generate interest and attract visitors, but these efforts were not as successful as hoped.

Yahya asked a business contact who he knew ran a successful website for help. The contact was an existing Tailored client and put Yahya in touch with Tailored.

Tailored immediately recognised the potential of the business and identified exactly how they could assist with its online growth. The development team evaluated the existing website and drew up a list of 25 priority issues that needed addressing, together with a second list of suggestions to gain some ‘quick wins’ and earn an immediate return on investment.

Both lists were put into action. This enabled Lesta Paving to develop a solid online presence and provided a sound foundation for additional tasks such as site optimisation and online marketing, safe in the knowledge that new visitors would be impressed by the company’s online presence.

The changes resulted in an immediate improvement in visitor numbers and website stats. Impressed by the quick results, Lesta Paving knew that Tailored was the right agency to help achieve its online goals and grow its business.

Yahya took the decision to retain the services of Tailored on an ongoing, monthly basis, ensuring any proposed targets and KPIs were met along the way.

The next step was for Tailored to develop a completely new website that delivered a more agile and improved user experience, allowing for better technical implementation of new products and services as soon as they became available.

As Yahya explains:

“We set the Tailored team targets from day one. I’m delighted to say that every target has been smashed each month since we started working with them over two years ago.

What I’ve been amazed and delighted with is how hands-on the Tailored team are. They took the time to fully understand our business to ensure the website was built with customers in mind, improving the UX and making it a lot easier to navigate.

This is reflected no better than in our Trustpilot reviews, with the majority of our customers comparing our website favourably with our competitors’.”

Lesta Paving is very much a seasonal business. From a standing start of zero online sales, within two years it was surpassing a monthly sales target of £500,000. Lesta Paving are still a Tailored client and results continue to exceed expectations.

Yahya says, “I wouldn’t flinch to recommend the services of Tailored. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. They are a results-focused agency that truly cares about the businesses they work with. They have been a breath of fresh air to work with and I’m excited to see what the future brings.”